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Hire Dedicated Developers – Your Ultimate Guide

Navigating the world of software development can be daunting, especially when it comes to hiring the right talent.

Our latest guide to hiring dedicated developers is here to simplify that journey for you.

This article offers a step-by-step approach that demystifies the process of finding and managing dedicated developers who can turn your vision into reality. Get ready to unlock the secrets to assembling the perfect team of experienced developers that will take your project to new heights!

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Who are dedicated developers?

The software development process is a lot like building a house – there are a lot of materials, parts, and components that need to come together to create something great.

And every construction project needs skilled builders. In the case of software projects, this role is filled by dedicated developers.

Dedicated software developers are specialized professionals a company hires to work exclusively on its software development projects.

These developers are skilled in coding and programming, using languages such as Java to build and maintain software applications. Their responsibilities include writing, testing, and debugging code to ensure the functionality and reliability of software products.

dedicated developer

In a business context, dedicated developers add significant value by focusing solely on the technical needs and objectives of the business.

After all, software solutions are the backbone of any modern enterprise. If your software is lacking, it will certainly hurt your business performance – it is as simple as that.

This is the main reason why dedicated developers play a crucial role in developing custom software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the business. This can lead to increased operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and the creation of innovative products and services.

By working with dedicated senior developers, an organization invests in a team that is intimately familiar with its technology infrastructure, goals, and challenges, enabling more effective and efficient software development processes.

Software development outsourcing market statistics

The popularity of this model of custom software development is still immense.

In 2022, the global custom software development market focused on outsourcing dedicated software developers was valued at approximately USD 28.2 billion to 29.29 billion. It is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 21.5% to 22.4% from 2023 to 2030/2032. Large enterprises held a significant market share in 2022, as custom software often serves as a source of competitive advantage for these businesses.

By 2030, the market is forecasted to reach about USD 146.18 billion to 185.1 billion.

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Hiring dedicated developers models

There are a couple of ways to hire dedicated developers depending on the type of cooperation that you want to go for.

Let’s briefly go through them so you can see which one would work best in your particular case:

hired dedicated developers

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a flexible model to hire dedicated developers where a company temporarily expands its in-house team by adding external software developers. These remote developers are employed on a contract basis and work as part of the existing team, typically for specific projects or to boost the team’s capacity during peak periods.

Key advantages

  • Flexibility: Easily adjust the size of your development team based on current project needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the development and maintenance costs and commitments associated with permanent hires.
  • Specialized Skills: Access to a wide pool of talent with specific skill sets that might not be available in-house.

When to choose?

  • When there’s a need for specialized skills temporarily.
  • To handle increased workload during peak periods without committing to long-term hires.
  • For filling gaps in the current team’s expertise or capacity.

Managed Team

In the managed team model or dedicated developer team model, a company hires an entire team from a software development company to work on a project. This team includes not just experienced dedicated developers but also a project manager and sometimes other roles like UX/UI designers or QA specialists. The service provider oversees the team’s management and progress.

Key advantages

  • Comprehensive Solution: The dedicated development team model provides a full-fledged team, reducing the need for extensive in-house management (insourcing).
  • Expertise: Access to a team with a proven track record and expertise in specific areas.
  • Efficiency: Often faster setup and commencement of work compared to building a team from scratch.

When to choose?

  • For complex projects requiring a diverse range of skills and roles.
  • When internal resources or expertise are insufficient for managing a development project.
  • To ensure a more hands-off approach while maintaining quality and expertise.

Project-based Model

In the project-based model, an organization outsources an entire project to an external team.

This team is responsible for executing the project from start to finish, with defined scope, schedule, and deliverables, and has complete control over the entire project. The external team typically manages all critical aspects of the project, including planning, execution, and delivery.

Key advantages

  • Clear Scope and Timeline: Defined project scope and timeline, often with a fixed cost.
  • Responsibility: The external team is fully responsible for delivering the project, reducing the client’s management burden.
  • Expert Execution: Often provided by teams with specific expertise in delivering similar projects.

When to choose?

  • For projects with a well-defined scope and end goals.
  • When internal teams lack the capacity or specific expertise to undertake the project.
  • Ideal for one-off projects or when a company prefers not to be heavily involved in the day-to-day development process.

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What are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers?

Exploring the benefits of hiring dedicated developers reveals how this approach can transform your software projects.

Let’s delve into the key advantages they offer, highlighting the impact on efficiency, quality, and overall project success.

communication process web development dedicated mobile app developers

Cost Efficiency

In today’s economic climate, the importance of cost has become increasingly important.

As global markets slow, organizations are looking for ways to optimize spending without compromising quality or project timelines.

Hiring dedicated developers can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time in-house team, especially for short-term or specialized projects. It eliminates the overhead costs associated with permanent staff, such as benefits, training, and office space. It also provides the flexibility to scale the team up or down based on project needs, which helps manage budgets more effectively.

What’s more, offshoring software development means hiring developers or teams in different countries, often where the cost of living and labor rates are lower than in the hiring company’s home country. This practice can lead to significant cost reductions without sacrificing the quality of the software being developed. For example, hiring a development team from Eastern European countries such as Poland.

Expertise and Specialization

Dedicated developers bring a high level of expertise and specialization. They are often skilled in specific programming languages or technologies that may not be present in the existing in-house team.

It’s important to understand that each software development project involves a unique set of requirements and technologies, commonly referred to as a tech stack.

Finding emerging tech developers who are proficient in the specific tech stack required for a project can be quite challenging, especially when looking within a limited geographic area or talent pool. The success of any project depends heavily on having developers who are not only good coders, but also deeply knowledgeable in the specific technologies being used.

Outsourcing and hiring dedicated developers addresses this challenge by providing access to a much larger talent pool. When you embrace the idea of hiring dedicated developers, whether through staff augmentation, managed teams, or project-based models, you are no longer limited by location. This global talent pool is large and diverse, and includes developers with a wide range of skills and experience across multiple technology stacks. This allows organizations to tackle complex projects and implement cutting-edge solutions, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Increased Productivity

If you hire dedicated developers who will be focused solely on your projects, you’ll see a significant increase in productivity.

These professionals are dedicated to one project at a time, ensuring that they are fully immersed and invested in the development process. This results in faster turnaround times and more efficient progress compared to splitting attention across multiple clients or projects.

When you hire dedicated developers, especially through outsourcing, you’re not only bringing in additional manpower, but you’re also taking advantage of different time zones. Developers located in different parts of the world can work on your project in a relay fashion. For example, when one team in one time zone finishes their day, another team in another time zone can pick up where they left off. This approach can create a near-continuous development cycle, effectively turning the software development process into a 24-hour operation.

This round-the-clock development cycle can be a significant strategic advantage. It can lead to faster project completion as work progresses even when the local team is off the clock. For companies facing tight deadlines or needing to get a product to market quickly, this can be a game changer.

Focused Approach and Consistency

Because dedicated developers work exclusively on a single project, they develop a deeper understanding of the company’s goals, culture, and needs.

This focused approach leads to more consistent and higher-quality results because developers are more aligned with the business vision and can tailor their work accordingly.

A key aspect of this benefit is the integration of agile methodologies and the extensive experience these dedicated teams have in managing each phase of the software development process.

Dedicated teams typically use agile methodologies, which are iterative and flexible approaches to software development. Agile practices, such as Scrum or Kanban, emphasize collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement, allowing for more responsive and efficient project management.

The experience of these dedicated teams in handling the entire software development lifecycle is another critical factor. From initial planning and design through development, testing, and final deployment, these teams have the expertise to manage each phase effectively.

Flexibility and Scalability

Dedicated developers offer organizations a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Organizations can work with dedicated development teams for the duration of a specific project and are not locked into a long-term employment relationship.

This project-based approach is especially beneficial for organizations with fluctuating workloads or one-off projects. It allows them to scale development capacity up or down as needed to meet project requirements and timelines without the commitment and expense of a permanent team.

In the context of a rapidly changing business environment, where agility and the ability to pivot quickly are key, the flexibility and scalability offered by outsourcing, nearshoring, and offshoring are invaluable.

Why hire dedicated developers instead of freelancers?

When a company decides to develop software, choosing the right team for the job is critical.

Outsourcing the development process often leaves companies with two main choices: freelancers or dedicated developers.

Hiring dedicated developers is often more advantageous than working with freelancers, especially for complex or long-term projects.

Dedicated developers, typically part of a larger organization or service provider, offer a level of reliability and commitment that can be critical to the successful completion of a project. They work exclusively on your project, ensuring consistent focus and attention, which is critical to maintaining the quality and consistency of the software development process.

In contrast, freelancers typically work on multiple projects simultaneously, which can lead to divided attention and varying levels of commitment to your project. In addition, dedicated developers are backed by an organization that provides them with support and resources, ensuring that they have the tools and environment necessary to perform optimally.

dedicated developer hire remote developers

Another important consideration is accountability.

Service providers with dedicated development teams have a reputation to uphold, which means they are more likely to meet agreed timelines and quality standards. They also tend to offer more structured communication and project management methodologies, which can be critical to keeping projects on track and transparent. This

Finally, scalability and flexibility are easier to manage with dedicated teams. As your project needs evolve, it’s easier to scale up or down a dedicated team than it is to hire and fire individual freelancers. This flexibility is especially valuable in a dynamic business environment where project requirements can change quickly.

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Where to find dedicated developers?

Finding the right dedicated developers for your project is a critical step in ensuring its success.

A valuable resource for this search is Clutch, a platform that specializes in gathering and presenting detailed information about custom software development companies that provide bespoke development services dedicated development teams.

It’s a platform where you can find a wide range of software development companies, each with a detailed profile. These profiles often include the size of the company, its location, and its specific areas of expertise.

mobile app development hire remote developers

A key feature of Clutch is its collection of verified customer reviews. Reading these reviews provides insight into how companies perform and the quality of work they deliver. Client testimonials on Clutch can also be incredibly insightful, providing a window into the experiences of past clients.

In addition, many companies on Clutch present case studies of their projects. These case studies are particularly useful for understanding how a company approaches challenges and problem solving. It’s also beneficial to look for companies that have worked on projects similar to yours, as this experience can be beneficial to the success of your project.

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Other Considerations When Choosing a Partner

In addition to utilizing Clutch for research, there are other important factors to consider when selecting a dedicated development partner.

hire developers hire remote developers

  • Industry Expertise: Opt for companies with specific expertise in your industry. They are more likely to understand and meet your unique project needs.
  • Technical Skills: It’s essential that the company possesses the technical skills necessary for your project, including familiarity with the required tech stack and technologies.
  • Communication and Culture Fit: Effective communication is key to project success. Assess how the company communicates during initial discussions and consider if their culture aligns with yours. This alignment can greatly influence the smoothness of your collaboration.
  • Software Development Methodologies: Evaluate the company’s project management methodologies. The team of dedicated developers must have a structured approach to managing projects, which should include clear timelines, milestone tracking, and regular updates.
  • Post-Deployment Support: Consider the level of post-deployment support offered by the company. Reliable and ongoing support is crucial for addressing any issues that arise after the software goes live.

How much does a dedicated developers team cost?

So you want to hire dedicated developers, but you are not sure what budget you need to allocate for this project.

Not to worry!

Let’s shed some light on the cost of custom software development and see how much it costs to hire a dedicated team.

offshore dedicated team project managers

Small Application

  • Team Composition: Typically requires 2-4 developers.
  • Additional Roles: May include a part-time project manager or business analyst.
  • Project Duration: Generally 3-6 months.
  • Estimated Cost: $30,000 – $100,000. This cost can vary depending on the developers’ geographical location and level of expertise.

Medium Software Development Project

  • Team Composition: Usually needs 5-8 highly skilled developers.
  • Additional Roles: Likely requires a full-time project manager, a business analyst, and possibly a quality assurance (QA) specialist.
  • Project Duration: Around 6-12 months.
  • Estimated Cost: $100,000 – $300,000. The increased cost reflects the larger team and the additional roles needed for effective project management and quality control.

Large Enterprise Software Project

  • Team Composition: Could require 10 or more developers.
  • Additional Roles: Often includes a project manager, one or more business analysts, a QA team, and potentially a scrum master for Agile methodologies.
  • Project Duration: Usually more than a year.
  • Estimated Cost: $300,000 and above. Large projects with complex requirements and longer timelines demand a bigger budget due to the extensive team and the diverse range of expertise required.

It’s important to note that these are rough estimates.

Actual costs may vary based on the specific requirements of the project, developer hourly rates (which may vary based on location and experience), and any additional expenses such as software licenses or specialized tools.

In addition, factors such as the technological and business complexity of the project, the need for custom solutions, and any unforeseen challenges can also affect the total cost.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get detailed quotes from service providers for a more accurate budget.

If you would like a quote for your project, send us a message and we will be more than happy to see what it would take to make your vision a reality!

hired dedicated developers

How to hire dedicated programmers in eight steps

So you want to know how to hire dedicated offshore developers.


Below we’ve divided this entire process into 8 key steps that you need to follow if you want to outsource your software development process to a team of dedicated remote developers. Follow it closely to ensure that you pick the right software partner and that your cooperation will be fruitful and free of any issues.

hire dedicated programmers in house software developers

Step 1: Define Your Project Requirements

hired developers

Before starting the search for dedicated developers, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of your project’s requirements.

This is the first phase of the software development lifecycle and should be performed when hiring a dedicated development team.

This step involves outlining the specific goals, scope, and functionality you expect from the software. It’s important to consider factors such as the target audience, key features, desired tech stack, and any special considerations such as scalability or security requirements. A well-defined project scope will help you identify the right dedicated development team with the necessary skills and experience, and will also help you communicate your vision and expectations to potential partners.

Step 2: Research Potential Partners

dedicated developer

Once you have a clear picture of your project requirements, the next step is to research potential development partners.

This can include looking at online platforms such as Clutch, which provide detailed information about software development companies, including customer reviews and ratings.

Consider companies with a solid track record of delivering similar projects. It’s also beneficial to look at their portfolios and case studies to gauge their experience and success in delivering projects similar to yours.

Step 3: Evaluate Industry Expertise

dedicated development team

When considering potential partners, evaluate their industry-specific expertise.

A team with experience in your industry will have a better understanding of your unique challenges and requirements. They are likely to be more familiar with industry standards, compliance issues, and customer expectations. This step is especially important when outsourcing dedicated developers for projects in industries such as fintech, travel, ecommerce or healthcare.

All of these require industry-specific knowledge to properly understand business objectives.

If your dedicated development team already understands these nuances and business vocabulary, they will be able to hit the ground running, saving time on the lengthy onboarding process.

Step 4: Assess Technical Skills and Capabilities

project development

Evaluating the technical skills and capabilities of potential development partners is critical.

Make sure they have experience with the technologies and programming languages required for your project.

Check out the company case studies and testimonials posted on Clutch. Read their reviews.

These sources of information can shed light on the reputation of the development team you are considering working with.

It’s also important to understand their ability to handle the size and complexity of your project. Ask about their experience with the latest development methodologies and tools, and how they stay current with emerging technologies.

Step 5: Conduct Personal Interviews

hire dedicated developers

Of course, no amount of online reviews can replace meeting the dedicated development team members in person.

That is why personal interviews with the potential custom software development partner are essential. This step allows you to assess their communication skills, understand their approach to problem solving, and gauge their enthusiasm for your project.

Interviews can provide insight into the team dynamics and compatibility with your own team culture. It also provides an opportunity to address any doubts or concerns you may have about their skills and experience.

Step 6: Request Proposals or Quotes

hire dedicated developers

When you have narrowed down your options, request detailed proposals or quotes from the companies you have selected.

These should include comprehensive information about the project timeline, cost estimates, dedicated team composition, and specific services offered. You may want to sign a non-disclosure agreement during this step. The proposal should be closely aligned with your project requirements and provide a clear picture of how the company plans to execute your project.

Step 7: Discuss and Finalize Contractual Details

web developers new team members

Once you have selected a development partner, the next step is to discuss and finalize the details of the contract.

This includes negotiating pricing and setting clear terms for deliverables, deadlines, and payment schedules. Make sure the contract addresses issues such as confidentiality, data security, intellectual property rights, and termination.

A well-drafted contract provides a legal framework for the project and protects the interests of both parties.

If you want to see what our software development agreement document looks like, we’ve described it in one of our post blogs. Be sure to check it out!

Step 8: Plan for Onboarding and Integration

team management development environment

The final step is to plan for onboarding and integrating the dedicated team into your project workflow.

This includes setting up communication channels, project management tools, and regular meeting schedules. It’s important to establish clear lines of communication and reporting structures. Onboarding also involves aligning the talented developers with your project goals and company culture to ensure smooth and effective collaboration.

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What to avoid when hiring dedicated developers – three common mistakes

Mistake 1: Prioritizing Costs Over Quality

When hiring dedicated developers and offshore dedicated developers, a common mistake is to focus more on cutting costs than ensuring quality.

While it is important to find a cost-effective solution, choosing the cheapest option can sometimes lead to subpar results. Lower rates don’t always translate into the best value, especially if the quality of work doesn’t meet the required standards. This can lead to additional costs down the line, such as fixing mistakes or redoing work.

Companies should strike a balance by seeking reasonable rates without compromising the expertise and experience required for their project. Remember, investing in quality now can save money and time in the long run.

Mistake 2: Conducting Inadequate Requirement Analysis

Skipping a thorough requirements analysis before hiring dedicated developers is a mistake that can derail a project from the start.

Without a clear, detailed understanding of what the project needs, you could end up with a team that is ill-equipped to meet your specific challenges. It’s critical to know exactly what skills and expertise your project requires, from the tech stack to the level of experience needed.

A well-defined project scope ensures that you hire the right developers, reducing the risk of project delays and mismatches. Accurate requirements analysis is the foundation of a successful development process.

Mistake 3: Assuming You Don’t Need a Project Manager

Some organizations assume that hiring dedicated developers means they can do without a project manager, but this assumption can lead to project inefficiencies.

A project manager plays a key role in keeping the project on track, managing schedules and budgets, and ensuring clear communication between all parties. Without this oversight, projects can easily get off track, miss deadlines, or go over budget.

A project manager acts as a bridge between the development team and the business, aligning the project with strategic goals and smoothing out any operational wrinkles. Their expertise in managing people and processes is invaluable to a successful project.

How to manage a dedicated team?

Managing a dedicated team of developers requires a strategic approach that balances effective communication, clear goals, and a supportive environment.

It’s about creating a collaborative workspace where the team feels motivated and aligned with the project’s goals.

This includes regular check-ins, providing clear and detailed feedback, and fostering a culture of open communication. It’s also important to respect their expertise and encourage innovation by allowing them to contribute ideas and solutions. Good leadership involves not only directing, but also listening, understanding, and responding to the team’s needs and challenges.

Establishing a relationship based on trust, coupled with a structured management approach, will ensure that the team remains focused, productive, and aligned with the project’s goals.

microsoft teams outsourcing company

Best Practices for Managing a Team of Dedicated Developers

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

As we’ve already established it’s important to clearly define project objectives, timelines, and deliverables from the outset.

Ensure that every team member understands their role and what is expected of them. Regularly revisiting and updating these goals keeps the team focused and aligned with the project’s progress.

Foster Open and Regular Communication

Maintain open lines of communication. Schedule regular meetings for updates, feedback, and brainstorming sessions. Encourage team members to share their ideas and concerns, creating a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

Utilize Agile Methodologies

Implement agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban, which emphasize flexibility, continuous improvement, and iterative development. This approach helps in managing tasks efficiently while adapting to changes swiftly.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Ensuring a healthy work-life balance for the team is crucial. Avoid overburdening developers with unrealistic deadlines and excessive workloads.

Encourage regular breaks and respect their time outside of work hours. A well-rested and balanced team is more productive and innovative. This approach not only reduces burnout but also fosters a more dedicated and loyal team environment.

Recognize and Reward Performance

Acknowledge and reward hard work and achievements. Recognizing individual and team successes fosters motivation and a sense of ownership over the project. Celebrating milestones and successes builds a positive team culture.

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Hire dedicated developers with Stratoflow

At Stratoflow, we take pride in our journey of becoming a leader in custom software development.

Our expertise in high-performance Java-based solutions has earned us recognition from prestigious entities such as the Financial Times and Deloitte.

outsourcing vendor remote programmers

We specialize in finance, travel, healthcare, and e-commerce, leveraging our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities. Our approach is collaborative and innovative, focused on understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients. Partnering with us means gaining a dedicated team committed to creating impactful, customized software solutions tailored to your business.

If you are considering starting your own custom software development project and are looking for a solid partner to guide you through the complexities of creating modern, high-performance software solutions, we are here for you!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your project with you!

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In conclusion, hiring dedicated developers is a strategic decision that can significantly increase the success of your software project and reduce operational costs.

By focusing on clear requirements, thorough vetting, and effective management practices, you can assemble a team that not only meets your technical needs, but also aligns with your project vision.

Remember, the right team isn’t just about skills; it’s about fit, commitment, and the ability to drive your project toward its goals with efficiency and innovation.

We are Stratoflow, a custom software development company. We firmly believe that software craftsmanship, collaboration and effective communication is key in delivering complex software projects. This allows us to build advanced high-performance Java applications capable of processing vast amounts of data in a short time. We also provide our clients with an option to outsource and hire Java developers to extend their teams with experienced professionals. As a result, our Java software development services contribute to our clients’ business growth. We specialize in travel software, ecommerce software, and fintech software development. In addition, we are taking low-code to a new level with our Open-Source Low-Code Platform.

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The developed software product was built from scratch with solid quality. We have had a long-term engagement with Stratoflow for nearly 10 years. We look at them as partners, rather than contractors. I'm impressed by their team culture and cross-team support.

Nathan Pesin

CTO, Legerity Financials

Stratoflow was a great partner, challenging as well as supporting our customer projects for the best outcome. They have a great pool of talent within the business - all very capability technologists, as well as being business-savvy and suitable for consultancy engagements.

Chris Goodall

Managing Consultant, CG Consultancy (UK) Limited

The bespoke metal exchange platform works great, it is easily accessible and richly functional. Stratoflow managed deadlines capably, meticulously documented their progress, and delivered a complex project at an affordable cost.

Bartlomiej Knichnicki

Vice Chairman, Supervisory Board

We are very pleased with our partnership with Stratoflow and, as we continue to grow, we expect to increase the numbers of developers that work with us on our projects. They have proven to be very skilled and flexible. They're extremely reliable, and they have a very good company culture of their own, which gives them a real edge compared to other providers that serve more as production shops rather than thought partners and creative problem solvers.

Andrew Kennedy

Founder & Managing Director, Tier 2 Consulting

Stratoflow successfully customized the system according to the specific functionalities and without bugs reported. The team was commended for their adaptability in the work process and for their responsiveness.

Joshua Blavins

Tech PM, Digital Agency

The features implemented have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end-users. Stratoflow has an incredible technical expertise and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to changing project requirements.

Adam Hill

Chief Technology Officer, Legerity

They have impressively good knowledge of AI issues. Very responsive to any amendments and findings. Very good communication. We received a finished project which could be implemented into production shortly after testing.

CO-Founder & CTO

Circular Fashion Company

They provided superb service with seamless communication and a highly professional, technical approach. The team displays impressive technical expertise and are willing to share information and engage in constructive feedback.

Filip Stachnik

Operations Manager, Otwarte Klatki (part of Anima International)

They're very skilled technically and are also able to see the bigger picture. Stratoflow can actually think about solutions, not just the technical task at hand, which they've been assigned.

Arnd Jan Prause

Chief Operating Officer, musQueteer

Stratoflow delivered the website successfully within the timeframe and budget. They assured that the output met the set requirements. Overall, the team's performance was excellent and recommended for their exceptional technical business expertise. They've been able to deliver all of their work on time and within budget, which has been very impressive.

Lars Andersen

Founder & CEO, My Nametags

Travel sector rebound after the pandemic is complete. We have fantastic global coverage of travel data distribution due to mutual agreements and data exchange between aggregators. Competition for the best price of limited resources degradates margins.

How to win? Provide personalized experience and build your own products in the front-office. The missing bits: a traveller golden record collecting past activities and a AI/ML recommendation technology.

Michał Głomba

CEO at Stratoflow