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Accelerate your insurance business with our customized solutions designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Our specialized approach not only automates customer service and streamlines policy management, but also optimizes workflow for immediate business results.

With us, you don’t have to start from scratch. Our solutions are already built on a strong core designed specifically for insurance companies like yours. This robust foundation is the starting point for your custom functionalities that are tailored to the complex and diverse needs of your insurance business.

Explore the potential for rapid growth with us.

Core Insurance Management

Policy Management Systems

Streamline policy management with a single solution that provides status tracking, centralized storage, and the ability to handle diverse policies from multiple sources. Experience seamless policy administration with a comprehensive system tailored to your needs.

Payment Tracking and Policy Renewals Tools

Let your custom insurance software monitor payments so you and your clients don’t have to. Eliminate manual tracking, automate policy renewals and save your time.

Document Management Systems

Keep all of your insurance documents in one central repository. Our insurance and document management solutions allow you to easily manage your documents by uploading and downloading PDFs, adding attachments, printing directly, storing client policies, and exporting data to Excel or .csv. You can say goodbye to manual transcription.

AI-Powered Monitoring, Reporting and Data Analytics Tools

Automate your reporting process with custom insurance software. Use an AI search tool to write a query in your own words and find the data you need immediately. Generate one-off and periodic reports in seconds.

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Customer Interaction & Engagement

Insurance CRM Systems

Streamline client communication and boost efficiency of your customer data management with a tailored 360-degree client dashboard. Easily collect contact and policies data, monitor payments, never miss important deadlines.

Automated and Personalized Client Communication Tools

We understand that efficient and personalized customer service is crucial for insurance companies. Our AI-powered solutions help you build strong customer relationships and save time. You can set up automated notifications and send personalized messages with just one click.

Custom Insurance Software Development Solutions

Faster Custom Insurance Software Development

Get software that meets all of your insurance business needs, no matter how complex. With us, you accelerate the development of your insurance system, backed by a team with deep InsurTech expertise. Our solutions are designed with a robust core and essential features for any insurance operation.

Digitalization for Complex Insurance Products

Improve your business operations with insurance-specific digital solutions. Our custom insurance software automates policy management and streamlines client communication, making your workflow smoother and faster.

Complex Insurance Systems Integrations

Designed for ultimate flexibility, our custom insurance development services ensure seamless extensions and integrations, from the basics like your calendar and favorite CRM tools to complex integrations with banking, finance, or accounting software and external data sources.

Modernization of Legacy Insurance Software

Upgrade your insurance software and take your operations to the next level. By replacing outdated and inefficient legacy systems, you gain access to advanced technology that makes your processes in faster and more automated way.

Any Custom Feature You Need

We understand that as your insurance business grows, your needs evolve. Choosing Stratoflow to develop your custom insurance software ensures maximum flexibility and personalization for the long term. Once ready, you can easily adapt it by requesting any additional custom features your business requires.

Our experts will build custom insurance software for you faster

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Operational Efficiency & Automation

Customizable Management Dashboard

Customize for better performance. Our custom insurance software development allows you to fully personalize your tools. Design your own dashboard and adjust it to meet your needs, improving management and efficiency.

Personalized Insurance Recommendation Engines

Extend your insurance software with a custom recommendation engine. Cross-selling and up-selling recommendations enable insurers to present customers with the most relevant and optimal offers, increasing customer satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue.

Workflow and Task Management Tools

We understand the challenges you face with data silos, manual tasks and paperwork in the insurance industry. Our workflow and task management tools are specialized to streamline and optimie your insurance operations. Keep you and your clients updated with smart reminders and deliver a more efficient, tailored service.

Dynamic Policy Pricing

Incorporate a dynamic pricing strategy into your insurance business to improve the accuracy of risk assessment and adjust prices accordingly. Gain competitive edge with cutting-esge technologies!

Consulting and Strategy

MVP for Insurance Industry

Get your custom insurance software to market faster and with less risk using our MVP approach. Our rapid development strategy, built on a solid core, allows us to deliver your next insurance MVP in as little as 4 weeks.

Insurtech Consulting

Our team of experienced developers with a deep understanding of insurance technology is ready to guide you. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll apply our expertise to help you make smarter decisions. That way, you can move forward quickly with innovative insurance solutions.

Customize your software faster with our top-notch developers

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Benefits of Building Custom Insurance Software

Get your custom insurance software faster, not from the scratch

Get a head start with our custom insurance software solutions, where you don’t start from scratch, but jump in halfway. Benefit from a dynamic and customizable data model that adapts in minutes, not months, ensuring rapid progress and flexibility from the start.

Own your code

Gain complete ownership of your code, giving you the power to change, grow, and adapt your application as your business does, free from any constraints. You can deploy your custom application wherever it works best – on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid – to ensure it always meets your needs.

Full customization, maximum flexibility, and high scalability

Our custom insurance software solutions allow you to extend functionality and add new features to make your insurance system unique and adaptable to any changes. With us, you can integrate seamlessly with existing systems. This way, your new software can easily meet your specific and most complex needs.

Efficiency and growth with streamlined insurance management

Streamline your insurance operations with smart reminders and AI tools that save time on manual and routine tasks, generate reports in seconds, and keep all documents and important data in one centralized repository. Our technology ensures your operations are more efficient and seamlessly organized within one system and your personalized dashboard.

Work with insurtech experts

With a rich background in insurtech project, our highly skilled team understands your insurance business challenges. We’re committed to translating your ideas and needs into innovative technology solutions tailored just for you.

Improved client experience

Take your relationship with your customers to the next level with automated and personalized communication tools powered by AI technology. Our customized insurance solutions significantly increase customer satisfaction, encouraging them to stay with you longer.

What Our Clients Say

Stratoflow was instrumental in the completion of several projects of Tier 2. Other than developments, they also handled the technical support and maintenance of the applications. The team has been reliable, flexible and has displayed excellent technical capabilities in the workplace.

java web development services
Andrew Kennedy
Founder & Director, Tier 2 Consulting

Stratoflow successfully completed numerous web-based projects. They can handle technical challenges very well. The team has exceptionally talented developers with a strong grasp of business objectives and proactively provided solutions.

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Arnd Jan Prause
Chief Operating Officer, musQueteer

The bespoke metal exchange platform works great, it is easily accessible and richly functional. Stratoflow managed deadlines capably, meticulously documented their progress, and delivered a complex project at an affordable cost.

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Bartlomiej Knichnicki
Vice Chairman, Supervisory Board, Mennica Skarbowa

Who Benefits from Insurance Software Development

Accelerate your insurance business with our customized solutions designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Our specialized approach not only automates customer service and streamlines policy management, but also optimizes workflow for immediate business results.

With us, you don’t have to start from scratch. Our solutions are already built on a strong core designed specifically for insurance companies like yours. This robust foundation is the starting point for your custom functionalities that are tailored to the complex and diverse needs of your insurance business.

Explore the potential for rapid growth with us.

Unusual insurance providers

Custom software can address the unique needs and innovative products of niche insurance markets.

Insurance Brokers and Agencies

Improve customer service and streamline operations with smart tools designed for the dynamic insurance brokerage environment.

Insurance Companies

From smooth policy management to streamlined customer service, our solutions are designed for insurers looking to modernize and simplify their operations.

Insurtech Startups

Jumpstart your business with technology that’s scalable, flexible, and ready to disrupt the insurance industry.

Corporate Clients

Customizable insurance tools that align with corporate risk management strategies and employee benefit programs.

Reinsurance Companies

Streamline the complexities of reinsurance with software that simplifies data management and transactions.

Specialty Insurance

  • Healthcare Providers: Secure and efficient software solutions that address the complex needs of the health insurance industry, like managing patient data and complex healthcare regulations.
  • Marine and aviation insurance: Solutions tailored to the unique risks and operational needs of the marine and aviation industries.
  • Government Insurance: Robust software solutions that support public insurance programs with efficiency and compliance.
  • Event and Sports Insurance: Customized software to manage the unique risks associated with events and sports, from liability to cancellation.
  • Insurance for Software Development: Protect your technology business with insurance software that understands the fast-paced IT industry.
  • Business Insurance: From small startups to large enterprises, get insurance software that supports your business continuity and risk management.

Our Custom Insurance Software Development Process

insurance carriers machine learning

1. Examine the core data model

Start by reviewing the essential business data model designed for insurance applications, which is built on a relational database structure. This foundation includes all the basic functionality that forms the backbone of any robust insurance application.

2. Customize with expert guidance

Next, discuss your specific requirements and decide how you would like to extend and adjust the base model. Our insurtech team is ready to tailor your insurance application to fit your unique needs. Just let us know what additional features or integrations you need; there’s no need to start from scratch.

3. Faster development process

With our core components already in place, we’re halfway to completing your project. Our skilled developers then take over and begin the software development process, which includes development, testing, deployment, and launch of the software. This process ensures that your custom application is built faster and tailored to your business needs.

4. Ongoing support and enhancements

As your needs evolve over time, our team remains available to add new features into your insurance software. You can request additional functionality at any time, ensuring that your insurance application remains up-to-date and continues to serve your business effectively.

Don't Start From Scratch, We Have Insurance Core Functionality Already Built In

Aplications admin panel

Logs and system health statistics.

User accounts management

Registration, account verification, login/password recover.

User roles and privileges

Restrict particular pages visibility as well as access to database records.

Organizations management

Invite and manage organization members.

Many authentication methods

LDAP, Google, Salesforce, SAML SSO.

Event-driven communication

Custom application events trigger actions configured by the administrator.

Advanced resource management

Application Event and File Management.

External message hubs

Integration with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp.


Create public and internal resources with versioning.


Embedded database backup routines.

Job request

Schedule excecution of custom app scripts and functions.

Email sender

Automate the process of sending transactional emails.

Why Choose Stratoflow

claims management data science
  • Recognized by Financial Times, Deloitte and Clutch as the fastest growing software development company.
  • Our experts have 20 years hands-on experience building advanced systems for insurance, finance, travel, health, and ecommerce.
  • We deliver customized solutions 4x faster, saving our clients time and money. Our nearshore office in Poland combines the convenience of proximity, making collaboration seamless and efficient.
  • We are a trusted technology partner with successful and long-term cooperations with clients from the UK, the US and Europe.

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What is an insurance software?

Insurance software is a solution designed to support the insurance industry’s needs, facilitating policy management, claims processing, risk management, and customer engagement. It aims to replace legacy insurance systems with innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance tracking, and offer superior customer experiences. These software solutions are developed to meet the specific requirements of insurance carriers, brokers, and agents.

What are the top insurance softwares?

The top insurance software solutions include platforms that offer policy administration, customer relationship management (CRM), and data analytics and AI capabilities. These solutions are designed to enhance customer experiences, streamline business processes, improve operational efficiency and introduce automated workflows. They leverage new technologies like cloud-based platform, AI and machine learning to offer superior customer service and seamless integration with legacy systems.

What is insurance CRM software?

Insurance CRM software is a specialized tool designed for insurance businesses to manage their interactions with current and potential clients. It facilitates enhanced customer experiences, efficient policy management, and targeted insurance sales strategies. This software helps insurers maintain a single point of contact for customer data, enabling personalized service and streamlined sales processes.

What types of software development services are available for the insurance industry?

Services range from custom insurance software development to the integration of off-the-shelf solutions tailored to the insurance industry. These services include developing claims management systems, policy management platforms, risk management tools, website development and mobile solutions for agents and customers, and data analytics capabilities to uncover insights and improve decision-making processes.

Which programming languages and technologies are used in insurance software development?

The development of insurance software solutions frequently utilizes a diverse array of programming languages and technologies, including Java, Python, .NET, as well as contemporary web and mobile app development frameworks. These technologies are chosen for their ability to create scalable, secure, and efficient software solutions that adhere to industry standards and meet the regulatory requirements specific to the insurance company.

Additionally, a faster approach to software development is increasingly being adopted, which involves working with ready-made, solid application templates. These templates are tailored to the core needs of the insurance industry and allow for full customization. This method significantly saves time by providing a robust foundation upon which bespoke features and functionalities can be built to match the specific needs of an insurance business.

What makes your insurance software development services unique?

Our unique approach focuses on understanding the specific challenges and requirements of the insurance industry, leveraging market research and new technologies to develop custom solutions. Our commitment to innovative solutions, combined with expertise in insurtech, data science and custom software development ensures that our clients receive state-of-the-art insurance software solutions tailored to their business needs.

What industries do you serve beyond insurance?

While our core focus is on the insurance industry, our expertise and software development services extend to other companies in various sectors, including fintech, e-commerce, travel, and more. Our ability to deliver custom software solutions across these industries demonstrates our versatility and commitment to meeting our clients’ unique challenges.

Can you integrate insurance software with third-party tools?

Yes, our insurance software development services include the integration of custom insurance solutions with third-party tools and systems. This allows for enhanced data exchange, streamlined workflows, and improved efficiency, ensuring that our clients can leverage the full potential of their existing ERP, CRM, and other business systems alongside our custom insurance software.

How much does it cost to build a custom insurance solution?

The cost of developing a custom insurance software solution varies based on the project’s scope, complexity, and specific requirements. We detailed cost estimations to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the investment required to achieve their desired outcomes. Contact us to ger free estimation.

How long does it take to develop custom insurance software?

The development timeline for custom insurance software can vary widely depending on the solution’s complexity and the project’s specific requirements. Our fast development methodology allows us to deliver MVPs in 4 weeks, ensuring that our clients can quickly benefit from their investment in technology.

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  3. Expert Meeting
    This meeting focuses on detailed project analysis, strategy development, and technology selection.
  4. Proposal
    Based on the insights gained from our discussions, we will prepare a commercial proposal that includes the scope of work, timeline, and cost estimates.
  5. Contract
    The final step is to sign a contract that defines the terms of our relationship and the framework for successful project delivery.
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