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custom software development company

Custom software development solutions are the best way to make your business unique and to be one step ahead of the competition. Our process of designing, building, and maintaining software projects is smooth and tailored to your specific set of needs and requirements.

Thanks to our expertise gained over the years with international clients of any size, we understand what features of innovative custom software solutions matter the most: high-performance, efficiency and scalability. It means that no matter what kind of solution you want, with our approach your system architecture will always be capable of processing a massive amount of data quickly.

These are three core principles we follow when working with our clients on any custom software solution. At Stratoflow, we always:

  • understand the specifications of your operations and the types of data that you are dealing with,
  • choose technologies that are best suited for your specific business scenario,
  • design software architecture with scalability and high-performance as the leading priorities.
java web development company


years on the market


top notch software developers

1 billion

transactions per hour in our finance system

The features implemented have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end-users. Stratoflow has an incredible technical expertise and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to changing project requirements.

fintech application development
Adam Hill
Chief Technology Officer, Legerity

Our Custom Software Development Services

Digital Transformation Services

We believe that every company will become a data company in the future.

Modern Web Applications

Manage and access your data from anywhere.

High-Performance Systems

We care about high processing throughput and scalability.

Enterprise Software Development

Mature, secure, and scalable software systems.

Database Development

Specialised database solutions.

Software Integration Services

Reach your crucial business data from a single system.

Cloud-Based Applications Development

Scalable on-cloud + managed on-premise = Hybrid Architecture.

Software Product Development

Agile, best-practice driven development process.

API Development

We design and build API systems for flawless data exchange.

Software Testing

Functional, performance, integration testing – all automated and repeatable.

Software Modernization

Assess and implement technical debt reduction strategies.

Application Maintenance and Support

Start with analysis and MVP, finish with a managed, production system with full support.

Benefits Of Custom Software Solutions For Your Business

custom software development company

Custom software is the engine that drives your business, transforms it and takes it to the next level.

Unique features of custom solutions will make you rise above the competition. We provide our clients with database development, system integrations, modernization of existing solutions, business automation, web development, cloud-based application development, among many others. By working with Stratoflow, you have one more advantage – we deliver Java-based, high-performance solutions that speed up all business processes.

Unlimited possibilities for developing your application, it’s guaranteed.

Start your software project with us.

Automate your business

Start working on your vital business operations, not just tedious tasks. We will take care of them for you by introducing automations, integrating your data in one system, and connecting third-party applications. Save your time and energy with us!

Access from anywhere

Your dedicated software systems run in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere with the right security controls in place. Give your employees the freedom to choose the most convenient work location.

Leave spreadsheets behind

No more multiple versions of the same spreadsheet. Keep and modify your data in a clean and consistent way. Modernize your business processes now!

Analyze your business metrics

We understand the importance of your business data. With our high-performance custom systems, you will gain valuable, data-driven, and real-time business information in one place.

Introduce high-performance systems

In Stratoflow we focus on the speed of data processing. By introducing high-performance solutions crafted to your needs, we provide you with fast and efficient software. For us, every millisecond matters. Read: The Most Efficient And Environment Friendly Programming Languages.

Custom Software Development For Your Industry

Our experts for the past 20 years have been assisting companies from a wide range of industries in the process of digital transformation. We have delivered end-to-end custom software solutions that have brought our clients’ businesses to the next level.


We have been involved in the fintech industry since the very beginning of our activity as a custom software development company. We’ve managed to build a system processing more than 1 billion transactions per hour. Due to our great experience in the field of finance technology, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands. Our top-notch Java software engineers build financial systems of outstanding technical capabilities and support our customers during their entire technical journey.

By introducing cloud-based innovative architecture, the finance software we build is secure, highly scalable, and able to process a massive amount of data in a very short time!

So, if you care about energy-efficient software development for your financial application – you’ve come to the right place!


The newest technological solutions have already become an indispensable part of the travel industry. We provide our clients with an advanced infrastructure which improves the scalability and performance of their travel platforms.

Using our expertise, we offer end-to-end services for travel search engines capable of handling 300 million queries daily and returning results in real-time.

The future of travel technology is here with us!


Our ecommerce software development services are dedicated to modern retail businesses of any size. We implement solutions tailored to your clients’ needs by leveraging the latest technologies that will accelerate and grow your ecommerce.

Understanding the operations and priorities that drive your ecommerce is our main focus when designing efficient, scalable, and high-performance software.

We’ve had it tested – come see for yourself!


Let us enhance, upgrade, and accelerate your healthcare IT solutions with our high-performance software tailored to your needs. In Stratoflow, we are primarily guided by a thorough understanding of the complexity of your issue.

We do an in-depth analysis and select the best technologies that the healthcare industry needs, and do our best to guide you through the entire process.

Healthcare industry requires the newest technology. Let’s bring it in together.

Our Technology Stack

Web applications

Mobile-friendly, responsive interfaces (Angular, VueJS, Bootstrap)


Scalable in-memory processing systems (Hazelcast, Grid Gain, Oracle Coherence, ultrafast JVM solutions)


Modern, lightweight Java development with Spring Boot, Grail, Kotlin


PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis


MuleSoft, Apache Camel / Red Hat Fuse


Complete functional and non-functional testing coverage automated within the CI build process (Cucumber, JUnit, Selenium, JMeter)

Message queues

Scalable architecture for heavy load processing Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ


Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, dedicated hosting solutions

Project management

Agile development process with Jira, Slack, ClickUp

Stratoflow successfully customized the system according to the specific functionalities and without bugs reported. The team was commended for their adaptability in the work process and for their responsiveness.

destination management company
Joshua Blavins
Tech PM, Konekt Group

Our process

How We Deliver

Iterative approach with short feedback cycles and seamless communication is the key factor of success.



Step 1

Our clients are located around the globe but we always try to start with a planning visit to learn more about the project details and build team rapport.



Step 2

We work together on ballpark estimates and task priorities to build a roadmap maximizing business value.



Step 3

We work in short development cycles with daily communication between developers and clients to make sure we end up with the best result.



Step 4

Demonstration of the current progress enables to review the interim results.



Step 5

Iterative approach is the best way to adjust the scope and direction.



Step 6

We are your partner in a complete software development lifecycle, starting from analysis through development and testing, to data migrations, installation and maintenance.

Why Choose Us

Our cooperation model


  • Complete projects or staff augmentation (working as part of your technical team).
  • On-site or remote model with daily IM/video meetings.
  • Mixed on-site/remote.
  • Consulting: PoC, system architecture design, architecture & code reviews.
  • We do not subcontract further to other companies, project teams are constructed from our direct employees.
custom software development company

The way we communicate


  • We value transparency, collaboration, and honesty.
  • Daily communication via e-mail/IM/video with our team of Java developers in Poland.
  • Source code stored daily in a code repository owned by the client.
  • Each sprint ends with deployment to the UAT environment, live demo and testing.
  • Once testing is complete, the UAT version is promoted to production.
  • A Technical Lead / Delivery Manager is assigned to work with the client as the main point of contact.
  • Nearshore office location in Poland.
custom software development companies

We believe in our values


When building high-performance systems, the following values always guide us.

  • Craftsmanship – making sure that the solutions we create satisfy both the client and our engineering spirit.
  • Collaboration – a spirit of cooperation and understanding the fact that only by working as a team we are able to create something worthwhile.
  • Transparency – sharing information, being open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Responsibility – a sense of responsibility for our work, a proactive approach.
inventory management

Why we are the best custom software development company for you


  • Successful and long-term cooperations with clients from the UK, the US and Europe.
  • Solid track record of delivering complex B2B and B2C systems.
  • Highly specialized software development company with organic growth and great employee retention.
  • Strong engineering spirit with a truly agile approach.
  • Recognized by Financial Times and Deloitte as the fastest growing software development company.
  • Our experts have 20 years hands-on experience building advanced systems for finance, travel, health, and technology sectors.
software developer

Success Stories

Selected Case Studies

View all case studies
View all case studies

What Our Clients Say

Stratoflow was instrumental in the completion of several projects of Tier 2. Other than developments, they also handled the technical support and maintenance of the applications. The team has been reliable, flexible and has displayed excellent technical capabilities in the workplace.

java web development services
Andrew Kennedy
Founder & Director, Tier 2 Consulting

Stratoflow successfully completed numerous web-based projects. They can handle technical challenges very well. The team has exceptionally talented developers with a strong grasp of business objectives and proactively provided solutions.

travel management company
Arnd Jan Prause
Chief Operating Officer, musQueteer

The bespoke metal exchange platform works great, it is easily accessible and richly functional. Stratoflow managed deadlines capably, meticulously documented their progress, and delivered a complex project at an affordable cost.

destination management company
Bartlomiej Knichnicki
Vice Chairman, Supervisory Board, Mennica Skarbowa


What does custom software development mean?

We start with a workshop to understand your business needs and to select the best technical solution together. We build a tailored system that uniquely addresses not only your current, but also your future business strategy to leave your competitors behind.

What are the examples of custom software?

A good example of a custom software would be a system that replaces your already running business process, which is limited by lack of proper automation and data management.

What are types of custom software development service?

There are three main types of custom development services:

  1. Building a new, tailored software system from scratch.
  2. Using a low code/standard platform as a foundation for your system.
  3. Enhancing an already existing proprietary software with custom extensions and data integrations, tailoring it to your needs.

We recommend the optimal model to provide the highest ROI for your business.

Why should I choose custom software development?

Custom software solutions allows you to further optimize your business processes and stay ahead of your competitors limited by standard workflows, obsolete system and spreadsheets.

Who is custom software development for?

Custom software development is a service for business of any size. We strongly believe that every company will become a data company in the future.

Why hire Stratoflow for software development services?

We have over 10 years of building advanced, enterprise-grade, high-performance software solutions for our clients. Our technology experts and consultants have over 20 years of individual practice.

What are the main features of customized software?

  1. Implements your unique business strategy.
  2. Enriches your perspective with any data available in external systems.
  3. Enables you to manage and access your data from anywhere with full audit trail.
  4. Advanced data analytics with AI/ML enables you to learn practical insights from your data.
  5. High-performance architecture allows you to scale your system with your business.
  6. Stable open-source components standardize the design and shorten development time
  7. Integrates with your existing systems.

How much does customized software cost?

Our technology consultants and custom software developers can help you select the best development model and estimate the custom software development cost. Our agile process enables us to demonstrate and discuss the ongoing progress in short iterations, what ensures the success of the final solution.

How long does it take to develop custom software?

Once the high-level requirements are defined, we provide a ballpark estimate with key milestones for your project. Read also: How to Speed Up Software Development Process.

How can I keep track of my development process?

Our agile development process enables us to demonstrate the latest project status in short iterations. We also transparently share access to our project management systems and source code repositories.

Can I expect support after the project ends?

Yes, we provide technical support and maintenance service for systems which are already in production.

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What happens next?

  1. Initial Request
    When you submit your request, we will immediately confirm it and analyze your initial questions and project scope.
  2. Discovery Call
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  3. Expert Meeting
    This meeting focuses on detailed project analysis, strategy development, and technology selection.
  4. Proposal
    Based on the insights gained from our discussions, we will prepare a commercial proposal that includes the scope of work, timeline, and cost estimates.
  5. Contract
    The final step is to sign a contract that defines the terms of our relationship and the framework for successful project delivery.
Arkadiusz Drysch | CTO