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Best Real Estate Tech Companies in 2024

As we move deeper into 2024, the real estate industry continues to evolve, fueled by modern technology and software.

From seamless property management systems to innovative mortgage solutions, tech companies are stepping up to meet the diverse needs of buyers, sellers, and investors.

This article explores the most innovative real estate tech companies making significant impacts this year, highlighting their groundbreaking technologies and how they are transforming the landscape of real estate transactions and management.

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How technology is changing the real estate industry

Technology is transforming the real estate industry in revolutionary ways, particularly through the use of custom software solutions and artificial intelligence (AI).

These advancements allow for faster, more efficient processing of vast amounts of data, such as property listings, market trends, and client preferences, which traditionally took weeks to analyze.

Custom real estate software solutions are extremely valuable, tailored specifically for real estate agencies to seamlessly manage everything from client interactions to financial transactions.

AI algorithms now predict home prices with remarkable accuracy, recommend properties to buyers based on finely-tuned personal criteria, and even automate routine tasks like scheduling showings and processing paperwork.

As technology reshapes the fundamental processes of the real estate market, certain innovative real estate tech companies stand out for driving these advances.

In the next section, we will explore key technology companies at the forefront of this transformation, highlighting their contributions and impact on the industry.

Key real estate technology companies on the market in 2024


real estate market

  • Type of service: Custom Real estate software development
  • Year of founding: 2013
  • Location: Wrocław, Poland

Stratoflow is a real estate tech company that specializes in the real estate software development.

The company’s approach emphasizes not only the technical aspects of software development, but also the business needs specific to real estate operations.

Stratoflow’s software solutions are designed to address the complexities and unique requirements of real estate management, including integration capabilities with existing systems, advanced analytics for market and pricing analysis, and customizable dashboards for operational efficiency.

real estate tech company

For example, their experience handling billions of financial transactions in sub-second times demonstrates their ability to build systems that are not only robust, but also scalable to handle increasing loads-a key requirement for growing businesses.

Their iterative development process, characterized by short development cycles and constant feedback, allows for a high degree of customization and alignment with customer needs, underscoring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a solid proptech partner for custom software development look no further!

real estate tech company


real estate company

  • Type of service: Real Estate Fintech
  • Year of founding: 2018
  • Location: Fully Remote

Endpoint’s mission is to modernize the real estate transaction process with a focus on the closing stage.

Their platform uses technology to integrate all parties involved – buyers, sellers and agents – into a single, seamless digital environment. This integration allows for the efficient viewing, signing and notarization of documents, as well as the secure transfer of funds for escrow.

The result is a significantly faster and more transparent closing process that reduces the traditional complexities and time delays associated with real estate transactions.


virtual reality

  • Type of service: Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Management
  • Location: Location: New York, NY

Keyway is an innovator in the commercial real estate industry, providing technology-driven solutions that improve the leasing and management of real estate.

The company provides tools that enable more flexible lease terms and efficient property and building management, helping to optimize landlord and tenant interactions.

Their platform uses advanced analytics to provide insight into proptech market trends, enabling clients to make informed decisions quickly. Keyway’s approach not only streamlines operations, but also aims to improve the overall tenant experience by reducing administrative burdens and enhancing communication.

Buildout, Inc.

online platform

  • Type of service: Marketing Software for Commercial Real Estate
  • Year of founding: 2010
  • Location: Chicago, IL

Buildout, Inc. provides robust marketing and workflow automation software designed for the commercial real estate industry.

Their platform helps brokers efficiently manage their listings and communications through automated document generation, customized email marketing campaigns, and advanced data analytics.

These features enable brokers to enhance their outreach and marketing strategies, streamline their daily operations, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace by quickly adapting to changing conditions.


rent collection

  • Type of service: Client Engagement Tool for Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Location: Denver

Homebot is a customer engagement platform that primarily serves mortgage lenders and real estate agents.

It provides homeowners and potential buyers with dynamic financial insights into their real estate investments.

Through Homebot, users receive personalized reports and recommendations on when to buy, sell, refinance or rent properties, helping them to maximize their financial results. The tool is designed to drive repeat business for agents and brokers by keeping their clients informed and engaged throughout the homeownership lifecycle.


real estate agent

  • Type of service: Real Estate and Mortgage Digital Transaction Services
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Stavvy facilitates the digital transformation of real estate and mortgage transactions by providing solutions that simplify and secure the process.

The company’s technology platform empowers legal and financial professionals with tools for digital document management, remote notarization, and electronic signatures.

Stavvy’s solutions are designed to reduce transaction times, minimize errors, and eliminate the traditional paper-based processes that can slow down real estate transactions, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs for all parties involved.


building operations

  • Type of service: Custom Real Estate Software Development
  • Location: Dallas

Digicode provides custom software development services focused on the real estate sector, incorporating smart technology and data analytics into its solutions.

Its offerings range from IoT integrations that transform properties into smart buildings to advanced data platforms that enable predictive property maintenance and energy management.

By leveraging these technologies, Digicode helps real estate companies increase operational efficiency, improve tenant services, and gain a competitive advantage through innovation and automation.


real estate professionals

  • Type of service: AI-Powered Office Analytics
  • Year of founding: 2017
  • Location: San Francisco

VergeSense uses advanced AI and sensor technology to optimize the use of office space.

The company’s platform uses sensors to collect data on how physical spaces are being used, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions about workplace design and utilization.

This technology helps companies reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and adapt to evolving workplace trends. By providing detailed analytics on space usage, VergeSense helps companies create more effective and adaptive work environments.

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Top real estate startups worth keeping track of

The real estate industry is rapidly evolving, fueled by innovative startups that are using cutting-edge technology to disrupt traditional practices.

This list highlights eight standout real estate tech startups, each offering unique solutions ranging from advanced property management software to sophisticated mortgage marketplaces.

Openkoda Real Estate Property Management Software

property managers

  • Type of service: Property Management Software
  • Year of founding: 2023
  • Location: Wrocław, Poland

Openkoda is an open source property management software designed to streamline various aspects of real estate operations, including residential, rental, commercial, and more.

It offers a robust suite of tools to help manage day-to-day operations, from tenant screening to financial management, through an easy-to-use interface.

Key features of Openkoda include:

  • Tenant Screening: Utilizes a comprehensive screening process to assess the reliability of prospective tenants.
  • Custom Dashboard: Provides real-time updates on rent payments for property owners and other essential metrics through a smart, AI-powered dashboard.
  • Automated Document Generation: Automates the creation of important documents such as leases, invoices, and receipts, significantly reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.
  • Real Estate AI and Machine Learning Tools: Includes an AI-based price recommendation tool and dynamic reporting features that help in setting competitive rents and managing property operations effectively.
  • Maintenance Management: Streamlines the process of maintenance requests, ensuring efficient communication and management between tenants and maintenance teams.

licensed real estate agent

But wait, that’s not all!

Openkoda Property Management System stands out as a robust foundation for building custom real estate applications, thanks to its open source architecture and scalable functionality.

Every property management system needs a set of basic functionalities, but every real estate business is different. Property owners, HOA, POA, COA managers, and other real estate companies almost always require some custom integrations and more non-standard functionality.

That’s where Openkoda’s greatest strength lies.

The platform allows companies to build on its core functionality, customize and extend it to meet specific operational needs, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

The open source nature of Openkoda is particularly beneficial to developers and companies looking to create a highly efficient property management solution tailored to their specific needs.

The effect?

65% faster delivery of customized features.

This flexibility facilitates innovation and allows developers to implement custom features that directly address the specific challenges and preferences of their real estate operations.

real estate assets

By building on Openkoda, organizations benefit from a system that not only meets their immediate needs, but also adapts to future requirements, providing unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

This makes Openkoda an excellent choice for property management companies looking to optimize their operations with a system that grows and evolves with them.

Do you want to see Openkoda’s capabilities in action?

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real estate services

  • Type of Service: Workforce Intelligence for Construction
  • Year of Founding: 2014
  • Location: Kitchener, Canada

Bridgit is the leading real estate technology company transforming the way construction projects are managed by optimizing workforce and resource allocation.

Its platform, Bridgit Bench, provides a comprehensive solution for construction firms to efficiently manage multiple project schedules and labor plans.

By integrating historical data and predictive analytics, Bridgit helps companies forecast project needs, allocate the right resources, and ensure optimal staffing levels.


real estate technology companies

  • Type of Service: Property Management Software
  • Year of Founding: 2018
  • Location: Miami, Florida

DoorLoop provides a robust property management platform for both residential and commercial properties.

The software is designed to streamline operations such as tenant screening, lease management, accounting, and maintenance tracking.

One of DoorLoop’s key features is its easy-to-use interface, which allows property managers to automate many of their daily tasks, reducing administrative overhead and improving the accuracy of property management activities.


major cities

  • Type of Service: Online Real Estate Brokerage
  • Year of Founding: 2016
  • Location: Seattle, WA

Flyhomes is revolutionizing the home buying process with innovative solutions like the Flyhomes Cash Offer, which allows buyers to make cash offers on homes, increasing their competitiveness in hot markets.

In addition, their Trade Up program allows homeowners to purchase a new home before selling their current one, facilitated by Flyhomes’ comprehensive support services.

This end-to-end service model helps clients navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with ease, backed by a team of real estate professionals who provide guidance every step of the way.


private offices

  • Type of Service: Real Estate Agent Comparison Platform
  • Year of Founding: 2014
  • Location: London, England

GetAgent uses a data-driven approach to help home sellers find the most effective real estate agents.

By analyzing transaction history and agent performance data, GetAgent provides users with a transparent view of agent effectiveness, helping them make informed decisions.

The platform facilitates comparisons based on actual sales data, agent response times, and customer reviews, ensuring that sellers can select agents that truly align with their sales goals.


real estate industry

  • Type of Service: Mortgage Marketplace
  • Year of Founding: 2015
  • Location: New York, NY

Morty simplifies the mortgage process by providing a marketplace where prospective homeowners can compare and apply for different mortgage options in one place.

Morty simplifies the mortgage process by offering a marketplace that allows prospective homeowners to compare and apply for different mortgage options in one place.

With a focus on transparency and user empowerment, Morty provides tools to easily compare rates and terms from different lenders, allowing users to find the best fit for their needs.


  • Type of Service: Rental Property Advertising and Marketing

Rent. specializes in a multi-faceted approach to digital advertising for rental properties, integrating advanced targeting and optimization strategies.

Their solutions, including RentSocial and RentSearch, leverage AI to improve ad performance across multiple platforms, ensuring that property listings receive maximum exposure and engagement.


investment property

  • Type of Service: Real Estate Agent Matching

HomeLight uses a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes millions of real estate transactions and agent performance data to match sellers and buyers with the best local agents.

Their services extend beyond agent matching; they also offer financial solutions such as HomeLight Cash Offer and HomeLight Home Loans to expedite the sales process.

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In 2024, the real estate industry will see significant advances in technology, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at the forefront, increasing the personalization and efficiency of real estate services. The real estate technology market is expected to grow significantly, driven by these innovations.

Generative AI

Generative AI is gaining traction for its ability to create realistic architectural visualizations and facilitate virtual property tours, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

This technology is also instrumental in generating legal and financial documentation, significantly streamlining processes.

According to LeewayHertz, real estate companies using AI have reported more than a 10% increase in net operating income. Additionally, AI and ML are being used for personalization, which has become a more established practice.

On top of that, according to different research, agencies using AI-driven personalization are seeing a 30% increase in customer retention rates, underscoring the growing reliance on these technologies to improve service delivery in the real estate industry.

In the real estate industry, personalization through content recommendation systems is becoming a key differentiator in delivering value to both clients and businesses.

These systems use machine learning algorithms to analyze a wide range of user data, including browsing history, past interactions, and personal preferences, to provide highly customized property suggestions.

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Personalization in real estate

For example, a real estate company could implement a content recommendation system on its website and mobile app to improve the property search experience.

When a potential buyer visits the site, the system can analyze data from their past interactions, such as properties they have viewed, searched or saved, as well as feedback they have provided on listings. Based on this information, the algorithm predicts and displays properties that match the user’s preferences for location, price range, style, and other criteria.

Personalization has a significant impact on customer decisions, with McKinsey reporting that 76% of consumers are more likely to consider brands that provide personalized interactions.

This type of AI use is not new, either.

The majority of real estate companies (68%) use behavioral and transactional data to drive personalization on their websites.

The return on investment (ROI) from personalization can be significant.

Companies using advanced marketing personalization techniques have seen a return of $20 for every $1 spent. Even with less advanced tools, companies have reported a 500% to 800% increase in effectiveness after implementing personalization strategies.

property owners


What are the best real estate tech companies specializing in custom software development?

In the rapidly evolving real estate technology landscape, several outstanding companies have carved out niches by specializing in custom software development.

Among these, Stratoflow stands out for its innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the real estate industry. A good real estate custom software development company must excel in several key areas: understanding the specific challenges and needs of the industry, delivering scalable and flexible solutions, ensuring high security and compliance standards, and providing robust support and maintenance.

Stratoflow, for example, excels at providing highly customizable platforms that seamlessly integrate with existing property management systems to increase operational efficiency and improve the user experience.

Their commitment to using cutting-edge technology to solve complex real estate problems, such as property management, leasing and market analysis, sets them apart.

These companies must also be adept at using data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide predictive insights that can lead to better real estate decision making.

How to find best real estate tech companies?

Finding the best real estate tech companies requires a strategic approach, especially when searching for those that specialize in custom software development.

A reliable resource for this search is Clutch, a platform known for its comprehensive directory of technology service providers. When using Clutch to find potential companies, there are several key factors to consider.

First, look at the detailed customer reviews and ratings; these provide insight into the company’s reliability, expertise, and ability to deliver on its promises.

Second, examine the portfolio of past projects, which often demonstrates the firm’s experience and success in addressing real estate challenges similar to your own.

Third, evaluate the breadth of services offered to ensure that the company can handle all aspects of software development, from system architecture to user interface design to ongoing support.

What value does the real estate tech companies provide to the real estate industry?

Real estate technology companies bring significant value to the real estate industry by addressing its unique challenges and improving operational efficiency through technology.

The value of custom software solutions in this sector cannot be overstated, as they specifically address the diverse needs of real estate professionals, from brokers and agents to property managers and investors.

These customized solutions help streamline complex processes such as property listings, client management, transaction processing, and compliance tracking that are critical to maintaining a competitive edge in a fast-paced marketplace.

We are Stratoflow, a custom software development company. We firmly believe that software craftsmanship, collaboration and effective communication is key in delivering complex software projects. This allows us to build advanced high-performance Java applications capable of processing vast amounts of data in a short time. We also provide our clients with an option to outsource and hire Java developers to extend their teams with experienced professionals. As a result, our Java software development services contribute to our clients’ business growth. We specialize in travel software, ecommerce software, and fintech software development. In addition, we are taking low-code to a new level with our Open-Source Low-Code Platform.

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The developed software product was built from scratch with solid quality. We have had a long-term engagement with Stratoflow for nearly 10 years. We look at them as partners, rather than contractors. I'm impressed by their team culture and cross-team support.

Nathan Pesin

CTO, Legerity Financials

Stratoflow was a great partner, challenging as well as supporting our customer projects for the best outcome. They have a great pool of talent within the business - all very capability technologists, as well as being business-savvy and suitable for consultancy engagements.

Chris Goodall

Managing Consultant, CG Consultancy (UK) Limited

The bespoke metal exchange platform works great, it is easily accessible and richly functional. Stratoflow managed deadlines capably, meticulously documented their progress, and delivered a complex project at an affordable cost.

Bartlomiej Knichnicki

Vice Chairman, Supervisory Board

We are very pleased with our partnership with Stratoflow and, as we continue to grow, we expect to increase the numbers of developers that work with us on our projects. They have proven to be very skilled and flexible. They're extremely reliable, and they have a very good company culture of their own, which gives them a real edge compared to other providers that serve more as production shops rather than thought partners and creative problem solvers.

Andrew Kennedy

Founder & Managing Director, Tier 2 Consulting

Stratoflow successfully customized the system according to the specific functionalities and without bugs reported. The team was commended for their adaptability in the work process and for their responsiveness.

Joshua Blavins

Tech PM, Digital Agency

The features implemented have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end-users. Stratoflow has an incredible technical expertise and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to changing project requirements.

Adam Hill

Chief Technology Officer, Legerity

They have impressively good knowledge of AI issues. Very responsive to any amendments and findings. Very good communication. We received a finished project which could be implemented into production shortly after testing.

CO-Founder & CTO

Circular Fashion Company

They provided superb service with seamless communication and a highly professional, technical approach. The team displays impressive technical expertise and are willing to share information and engage in constructive feedback.

Filip Stachnik

Operations Manager, Otwarte Klatki (part of Anima International)

They're very skilled technically and are also able to see the bigger picture. Stratoflow can actually think about solutions, not just the technical task at hand, which they've been assigned.

Arnd Jan Prause

Chief Operating Officer, musQueteer

Stratoflow delivered the website successfully within the timeframe and budget. They assured that the output met the set requirements. Overall, the team's performance was excellent and recommended for their exceptional technical business expertise. They've been able to deliver all of their work on time and within budget, which has been very impressive.

Lars Andersen

Founder & CEO, My Nametags

Travel sector rebound after the pandemic is complete. We have fantastic global coverage of travel data distribution due to mutual agreements and data exchange between aggregators. Competition for the best price of limited resources degradates margins.

How to win? Provide personalized experience and build your own products in the front-office. The missing bits: a traveller golden record collecting past activities and a AI/ML recommendation technology.

Michał Głomba

CEO at Stratoflow