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Top 8 HOA Management Software Solutions: A Comprehensive 2024 Guide

Homeowners associations (HOAs) often face challenges such as keeping track of tenant payments and managing large volumes of documents on a daily basis.

These tasks can be time-consuming and error-prone, affecting the overall efficiency of community management.

Fortunately, HOA management software solutions are available-tools that automate billing, facilitate communication, and streamline administrative tasks.

This guide examines the top software solutions available in 2024 and provides insight into how each can enhance HOAs’ operational capabilities and help them manage their communities more effectively.

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Why your association might need HOA management software

Homeowners associations (HOAs) play a critical role in the management of residential communities, but overseeing such communities can be a complex task.

This is where HOA management software becomes invaluable.

Essentially, HOA management software is a specialized tool designed by a real estate software development company to streamline and automate the day-to-day operations of managing a community.

It helps organize records, manage finances, track maintenance requests, and facilitate communication between board members and residents.

For HOAs, the adoption of management software can significantly improve efficiency. It provides a centralized platform where all important data – from financial documents to homeowner records – can be stored.

can be securely stored and easily accessed. This reduces the administrative burden on board members, allowing them to focus on decision-making rather than getting bogged down in paperwork.

In addition, this software often includes features for online payment processing, which simplifies the collection of dues and fees and ensures timely and accurate financial management.

In essence, HOA management software not only streamlines operational tasks, but also improves overall community governance and satisfaction.

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Key features of a good HOA Software

A good HOA management software should be equipped with a range of features that address the diverse needs of a homeowners association, helping to streamline operations and improve community management. Key features include:

  1. Financial Management Tools: Effective HOA software should offer robust financial management capabilities, such as budgeting tools, financial reporting, and ledger functions. This allows for accurate tracking of expenses and income, making it easier to manage the community’s budget and financial health.
  2. Communication Platforms: The software should include integrated communication tools that facilitate easy and efficient communication between the board members and the residents. Features like mass emails, announcement boards, and a resident portal are essential for keeping everyone informed and engaged.
  3. Document Storage and Management: Centralized document storage is crucial for organizing all necessary documents such as meeting minutes, bylaws, and contracts. Good software ensures these documents are securely stored and easily accessible to authorized users.
  4. Maintenance Request Tracking: To efficiently handle repair and maintenance issues, the software should provide a system where residents can submit maintenance requests and track their progress. This helps ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner and improves resident satisfaction.
  5. Member and Property Management: Managing resident information and property details can be cumbersome. A good HOA management software will simplify these tasks by maintaining up-to-date databases that are easy to search and manage.

These features, when combined, create a comprehensive tool that enhances the operational efficiency of an HOA, making it easier to manage a thriving and harmonious community.

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Going beyond: Customizing HOA software

While general HOA management software offers many useful features, many homeowners associations find that a customized approach is necessary to meet their specific operational and community needs.

Custom HOA management software allows for the inclusion of features tailored to the community’s unique requirements, such as specialized financial reporting, unique communication needs, or specific legal compliance issues.

However, it’s critical for HOAs to partner with development companies that have specific experience in the real estate industry.

These companies will have a deeper understanding of the nuances of property management and the regulatory landscape, ensuring that the software not only meets the HOA’s needs, but also complies with industry standards and regulations.

hoa software companies

Top 8 Best HOA Management Software Options

There are numerous software solutions available to help HOAs streamline their operations, but choosing the right one can often be daunting.

Each software offers unique features that address different aspects of community management, such as financial tracking, member engagement, and maintenance oversight.

To help you make the most informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best HOA management software solutions currently on the market.


property management teams

Openkoda Property Management Software is an advanced software tool designed for real estate companies, including Homeowners Associations (HOAs), and introduces a wealth of property management features for organizations looking to improve their operational efficiency, financial management, and tenant relations.

One of Openkoda’s outstanding features is its tenant management capabilities.

It provides a comprehensive tenant screening process that includes detailed questionnaires and assessments, which is critical for HOAs to ensure compliance with community standards and reduce the risk of tenant-related issues.

The Openkoda HOA software solution provides a sophisticated maintenance management tool that allows for direct reporting of tenant issues. It’s especially beneficial for HOAs managing large apartment complexes where maintenance issues can be frequent and varied.

In addition, the software is equipped with advanced communication tools, including AI-powered real estate email systems and messaging capabilities.

These tools are essential for maintaining clear and ongoing communication with residents, ensuring that all parties are well-informed and engaged in community matters.

hoa software

But what if my HOA requires some non-standard functionalities?

What if there are some legal considerations that none of the available solutions cover?

Regardless of the needed functionality, Openkoda has got you covered.

It not only has powerful out-of-the-box functionalities but is also highly customizable thanks to the rapid software development platform it was built upon.

The platform uses modern technology stacks including Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, and GraalVM, ensuring robust performance and scalability

The software’s open-source nature means there are no vendor lock-ins, granting HOAs the freedom to modify and extend the software as needed without additional constraints.

This flexibility is essential for adapting the software to the specific operational nuances of different HOAs coupled with a great variety of out-of-the-box functionalities, making the Openekoda property management system one of the best software solutions that can be customized to fit HOA’s needs on the market in 2024.

hoa software

Openkoda represents a comprehensive solution for HOAs looking to leverage technology to streamline their operations, enhance tenant relations, and manage financial transactions more efficiently.

Its strong focus on customization and modern technology makes it a scalable option suited to the diverse needs of HOAs.

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Key features

  1. Tenant Management: Openkoda provides tools for tenant screening, including comprehensive questionnaires and detailed screening processes to assess the reliability of prospective tenants. This is crucial for HOAs to ensure they select tenants who are likely to comply with community standards and obligations.
  2. Integration With Payment Gateways: The software integrates seamlessly with online payment system, enabling efficient online transactions for rents and other charges. This helps HOAs manage their finances more effectively and ensures timely payment processing​.
  3. Property Maintenance Requests Features: A standout feature is its maintenance management tool, which allows tenants to report issues directly through the platform. This functionality helps prevent multiple reports of the same issue and streamlines communication between tenants and maintenance teams, which is particularly beneficial for HOAs managing large residential complexes​.
  4. Document Management Functionalities: With Openkoda, HOAs can automate the generation of important documents like leases, invoices, and receipts, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy and speed in document handling​.
  5. AI-Enchanced Communication Tools: The software includes AI-powered email systems and messaging tools to facilitate community management. This feature is particularly useful for HOAs in maintaining clear and continuous communication with residents​.
  6. Customizable Dashboard: Openkoda offers a customizable dashboard that provides real-time updates on various aspects such as rent payment statuses, occupancy rates, and maintenance requests. This helps HOA managers keep track of essential operations and make informed decisions quickly.

AppFolio Property Manager

self managed associations

AppFolio provides a comprehensive property management platform suitable for community associations and other property types.

It includes a variety of features such as architectural review processing, maintenance request systems, board and vendor portals, and robust communication tools such as email and text messaging.

In addition, it supports mobile devices, enabling on-the-go management and increasing operational flexibility.

AppFolio stands out for its ability to integrate with various other applications, although it lacks an API for custom integrations.

Key features

  • Building Management and Leasing: AppFolio offers tools for marketing, managing tenant screenings, leasing, and online rent collection, making it efficient to manage daily operations.
  • Maintenance Management: The software includes features for tracking and resolving maintenance requests, which can be managed through an intuitive mobile app.
  • Accounting and Reporting: AppFolio provides comprehensive accounting features, including customizable financial reports and integrated accounting that’s suitable for property management.

Condo Manager

management company

This software provides a specialized suite of tools designed for effective condominium and HOA management.

Condo Manager is designed to streamline condominium and homeowner association operations with a comprehensive suite of tools.

It excels in financial management with features such as automated dues billing, comprehensive financial reporting, and seamless integration with banking services, making transactions simple and efficient.

The software also supports robust document management capabilities, allowing users to securely store and manage important documents and records.

While Condo Manager offers many benefits, it also has some notable drawbacks. New users may face a steep learning curve, as some find the system complex and difficult to navigate at first. In addition, customer support has received mixed reviews.

Key features

  • Accounting and Financial Management: Condo Manager offers extensive accounting capabilities, including automated dues billing, and detailed financial reporting
  • Document and File Management: The platform allows for the secure storage and management of important documents, making it easy to access association records, bylaws, and compliance documents.
  • Owner and Tenant Portals: These portals improve communication and transparency, providing residents with easy access to their account information, the ability to pay fees online, and submit service requests​

Condo Control

management companies

Condo Control is a robust property management software for condominiums, co-ops, and HOA communities that offers a suite of features designed to simplify day-to-day operations and enhance community engagement.

It features an online portal for both residents and board members that simplifies payments, amenity reservations, and document access.

The software also supports seamless integration with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, making it easier to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card, and direct debit/ACH payments.

The platform is cloud-based with mobile applications available for iOS and Android devices, ensuring that users can access the system and manage their responsibilities from anywhere.

Key features

  • Communication Tools: Condo Control provides several communication features such as announcements, email, voice, and text messaging options that allow for efficient communication between the hoa managers, board members, and residents.
  • Online Payments and Accounting: The software supports seamless integration with accounting systems like QuickBooks, facilitating easier management of accounts payable and receivable
  • Service and Maintenance Requests: Residents can easily submit service and maintenance requests through the portal

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web portal submit requests

Buildium provides a comprehensive solution that supports community association management with features such as online payments, maintenance request tracking, and rental listing management.

The software excels in financial management, allowing users to easily handle accounting tasks such as automated rent and bill posting, electronic fund transfers, and bank statement reconciliation.

It also facilitates the creation and monitoring of budgets and provides detailed financial reports for effective management.

The software includes financial reporting, property inspections, and is capable of handling resident and board communications through an integrated platform.

Key features

  • Financial Management: Buildium allows for streamlined handling of accounting tasks, including automated rent and bill posting, electronic fund transfers, and reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Resident and Board Management: The platform offers portals for residents and association management, enabling them to access important documents, communicate efficiently, and manage payment processes.
  • Maintenance Request Handling: Users can submit maintenance requests online, which can be managed and tracked by property managers through Buildium’s system.


community managers

PayHOA is a cloud-based software designed primarily for self-managed HOAs and community associations, offering a range of management and accounting features to streamline community operations.

It is particularly valued for its ease of use and affordability, making it suitable for associations of all sizes.

PayHOA offers a variety of management features designed to improve operational efficiency for self-managed HOAs and community associations.

The software facilitates online payments and accounting, allowing for efficient billing, invoicing, and financial management. It also excels in community communications with integrated systems for email, chat, and announcements that streamline interactions between board members and residents.

Some users have reported challenges with the accounting features, noting that they can be less robust than other parts of the software. The user interface, while generally praised, has occasionally been described as confusing, particularly when managing late fees and financial deadlines.

Key features

  • Online Payments and Accounting: PayHOA includes features for billing, invoicing, and online payment processing, which simplifies the financial management for associations.
  • Communication Tools: The platform enhances communication within the community through integrated email, chat, and announcement systems.
  • Document and Contact Management: PayHOA supports document storage and management, which is crucial for maintaining important community records and compliance documents.


hoa software cost

CondoWorks is focused on streamlining the financial operations of HOAs, particularly in the areas of invoice and payment processing.

It offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the entire accounts payable process, reducing the manual work associated with managing invoices and financial transactions.

One of CondoWorks’ key features is the ability to download utility invoices directly from online portals, significantly reducing the administrative burden on staff. The platform also includes tools for easy approval of invoices and payments, increasing the efficiency of financial workflows.

Key features

  • Automated Invoice Management: CondoWorks excels in reducing manual data entry by automatically capturing and coding invoice data.
  • Enhanced Approval Workflows: The platform facilitates a one-click approval process for invoices and payments, significantly speeding up the approval cycles and reducing the administrative burden on staff​

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report maintenance issues

As a CRM tool, Bitrix24 goes beyond traditional HOA management software by integrating tools for communication, task management, and customer relationship management.

It provides an internal social network for community interaction, comprehensive support for document management, and tools for project and lead management. Bitrix24 is suitable for HOAs looking for comprehensive CRM capabilities along with traditional property management functions.

While Bitrix24 is packed with features, new users may find the interface and navigation a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of functionalities.

Some users have noted that finding specific tools can be challenging and that the platform could benefit from a more intuitive design.

Bitrix24 is well suited for HOAs that need a versatile platform that can handle complex tasks and extensive communication needs. It offers a free version that is particularly attractive to smaller associations or those just starting out.

Key features

  • CRM and Lead Management: Bitrix24 provides advanced CRM functionalities that enable HOAs to manage leads, automate marketing, and track communication with community members.
  • Project Management: The platform includes project management tools like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and workload planning.
  • Internal Communications: Bitrix24 enhances internal communications with features like group chats, video conferencing, and social networking tools, similar to mainstream social media platforms.

Wild Apricot

violation tracking

Wild Apricot is a web-based membership management software that is particularly well-suited for small associations and nonprofit organizations, including HOAs.

It’s designed to facilitate efficient management of membership details, event registration, and website creation, making it a versatile choice for organizations of varying sizes, even those with up to 15,000 members​.

It also includes a website builder, online payment processing, and a member database.

While it lacks certain property management-specific features like work order management, it compensates with strong tools for member engagement and event management​.

Key features

  • Membership Management: Wild Apricot allows for easy handling of membership databases, enabling organizations to track member activities, dues, and communications.
  • Event Management: The platform supports the scheduling of events, online event registration, and attendee management.
  • Website Builder: It includes a website builder that integrates with the membership management system

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Custom real estate software development: Why go for bespoke solutions?

In the real estate industry, the demand for personalized solutions often requires the development of custom software.

Custom real estate software development is designed to address the specific challenges and requirements of individual real estate operations, whether for property management, brokerage services, or investment analysis.

management duties pay online

The key advantage of custom software is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes, eliminating the inefficiencies that often accompany generic software solutions.

Custom software can also incorporate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics, giving real estate organizations a competitive edge through improved decision-making and predictive analytics.

Do you have an idea for how custom software can improve the efficiency of your real estate organization?

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We are Stratoflow – a proptech custom software development company located in WrocƂaw, Poland.

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HOA statistics and technology trends

As HOAs continue to manage a substantial portion of U.S. neighborhoods, modern technology and software are becoming increasingly important in enhancing operational efficiency and resident satisfaction.

Here is the collection of key statistics about the HOA market and latest proptech trends fueling its growth:

  • The property management industry in the U.S. was worth approximately $99.449 billion in annual revenue and continues to grow
  • As of recent data, the U.S. has 358,000 neighborhoods managed by HOAs, encompassing 74.2 million residents which accounts for 29% of the population.
  • The average monthly HOA fee in the U.S. is around $390, equating to about $4,700 annually.
  • The HOA market has seen consistent growth with 78% of new housing built for sale now part of a community association.
  • Homeowners associations are most prevalent in states like Florida, California, and Colorado, largely due to their role in managing community amenities and standards.
  • HOAs are increasingly using digital platforms like mobile apps and online portals to enhance community interaction and ensure residents are informed and engaged​.
  • The use of advanced technologies such as AI for predictive maintenance and machine learning for optimizing budgets is becoming more prevalent. These tools help streamline operations, making HOA management more efficient and less prone to errors​
  • With the adoption of digital tools, ensuring the security of resident data has become a crucial focus. HOAs are implementing stricter cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information​.

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