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Benefits Of Cloud-Based Insurance Software

For companies looking to gain an edge in the insurance industry, cloud-based software solutions are becoming increasingly vital for companies looking to streamline their operations and enhance customer service.

This article aims to do just that – show you how cloud-based insurance software can put an insurance business into overdrive.

Through a closer look at the value of custom software solutions, we explore how insurance businesses can achieve scalability and cost savings, positioning themselves for success in a competitive marketplace.

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Importance of Insurance Software in 2024

In 2024, insurance software will emerge as the backbone of insurance’s digital transformation, fundamentally changing the way companies operate and deliver value to their customers.

This technology, especially when cloud-based, plays a critical role in enabling insurance companies to become more agile, efficient, and customer-centric. By adopting insurance software, companies can automate key processes, manage risk more effectively, and deliver services that meet the evolving expectations of their customers.

In addition, these digital solutions provide invaluable data insights that enable companies to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings to better serve their market.

In a landscape marked by increasing competition and regulatory complexity, the strategic deployment of insurance software stands as a fundamental component that drives operational excellence, enhances customer satisfaction, and secures a competitive advantage in the rapid insurance digitalization era.

Let’s delve deeper into what these cloud-based insurance products play in today’s insurance industry.

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Examples of Cloud-Based Insurance Software Solutions Transforming The Insurance Industry

We’ll start our journey by looking at three different cloud-based tools – each playing a different role in insurance business operations.

Openkoda Insurance Agency Management Software

standard insurance platform designed

Openkoda Insurance Agency Management Software is a comprehensive, AI-powered solution designed for insurance agents, brokers and agencies.

The software provides an all-in-one platform to streamline policy management, enhance customer communication, accelerate business processes and improve document management efficiency, enabling insurance professionals to focus on delivering exceptional service instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Openkoda’s platform is open source insurance software, allowing users full ownership of their code and the flexibility to run it anywhere, which is a significant advantage for businesses looking to customize and extend their software capabilities without facing vendor lock-in limitations.

customer portal

Openkoda is a comprehensive solution designed specifically to meet the needs of insurance brokers, agencies and corporate insurance entities. For brokers, it simplifies policy management with powerful, consolidated functionality. Agencies benefit from a system designed to evolve and scale as they grow, with the freedom to customize the software as needed.

  • AI-powered insurance reporting automation: Automates client interactions and policy renewals, offers instant reporting, and accurate record searching​​.
  • 360° client and policy custom view: Allows personalization of workspace with a central hub for documents, policies, meetings, calendars, notes, and other key functions​​.
  • Central repository of policy documents: Supports PDF upload and download, attachment addition, direct printing, storing client policies, and exporting data to Excel or .csv​​.
  • Easy report-building AI Companion: Enables writing queries in natural language for quick information retrieval, generating reports instantly​​.
  • Smart reminders for client policies: Automates and streamlines payment tracking and client communication, managing payment histories, schedules, and policy renewals
  • Integration with necessary applications: Extends insurance platform functionality by integrating with a wide range of applications for improved scheduling, process streamlining, and enhanced client experiences​​.
  • Customizable and scalable platform: Designed to evolve with agency growth, allowing for the addition of custom functionalities and integrations without vendor lock-in

These features collectively enable insurance companies to manage policies more efficiently, improve client relations, and adapt the software to their specific needs, all while ensuring data security and operational scalability.

insurance carriers

Openkoda Insurance Broker Management System presents a revolutionary approach to insurance policy management, improving the operational efficiency by leveraging the power of AI and the flexibility of open-source technology.

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non life insurers

InsureFlow is a comprehensive underwriting solution that automates and simplifies the underwriting process for insurance companies.

It leverages cloud technology to provide scalable and secure access to policy data, risk assessments and pricing models. This ensures that insurers can quickly adapt to changing market demands and regulatory requirements while delivering personalized insurance products to their customers.


customer experience

Focusing exclusively on claims management, ClaimMaster offers a cloud-based solution designed to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of claims handling.

It integrates seamlessly with existing insurance systems, providing tools for documentation management, fraud detection, and automated communication with stakeholders. By improving the speed and reliability of claims processing, ClaimMaster significantly enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

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Maximizing Cost Savings and Scalability for Your Insurance Business Through Custom Insurance Software Development

But moving your business to the cloud isn’t easy. The insurance industry is diverse, encompassing a wide range of niches, each with its own set of complexities and customer needs.

This inherent diversity underscores the need for a tailored approach to technology solutions – a need that custom cloud-based software development certainly meets.

Custom insurance software development allows companies to address their unique operational challenges and customer expectations, ensuring that the technology is perfectly aligned with their business objectives.

Moving to custom solutions not only allows insurers to streamline processes and improve service delivery, but also plays a key role in achieving cost efficiencies.

By automating and optimizing workflows tailored to their unique business models, insurers can significantly reduce operational costs. In addition, the scalability of cloud-based custom software ensures that insurers can easily scale up or down their operations in response to market demands without incurring prohibitive costs.

But building powerful and scalable software solutions for insurance companies is far from easy.

There are countless frameworks, tools, and integrations to consider. All of these pieces must work together to deliver a working product on time and on budget.

That’s why it’s critical to enlist the help of industry veterans when developing custom cloud-based insurance solutions.

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Stratoflow – Your Experts In Custom Cloud Insurance Software

modern customer experience

At Stratoflow, we’re experts in developing custom software solutions specifically for the insurance industry, focusing on delivering high-performance and scalable software.

Our expertise lies in creating comprehensive, high-performance software solutions, covering everything from the initial analysis and design phases through to implementation, testing, deployment in the cloud, and ongoing maintenance.

We specialize in developing custom insurance systems such as:

customer information claims management

We’ve streamlined a four-step approach to developing custom insurance applications tailored to your specific needs:

Step 1: Assess the Core Data Structure

Our initial step involves a thorough examination of the foundational business data model specifically designed for insurance applications. This model, constructed on a relational database framework, encompasses all essential functionalities that constitute the backbone of an insurance application.

Step 2: Personalization Through Expertise

Following the review, we delve into understanding your unique requirements. Our dedicated insurtech team collaborates with you to refine and enhance the base model, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business objectives. Whether it’s incorporating additional features or seamless integrations, we’re equipped to customize your application without the need to build from the ground up.

Step 3: Accelerated Development Cycle

Leveraging the pre-established core components, we expedite the development phase. Our proficient development team engages in a swift yet thorough process that covers software creation, meticulous testing, deployment, and the eventual launch. This approach not only speeds up project completion but also guarantees a solution that’s bespoke to your operational needs.

Step 4: Continuous Support and Upgrades

Recognizing that business needs are subject to change, we offer ongoing assistance to ensure your insurance application remains relevant and effective. Our team is always on standby to integrate new features or make necessary enhancements, allowing your software to evolve in tandem with your business demands.

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Importance of custom software in insurance – statistics

A recent McKinsey poll shows that 85% of insurers are dedicating resources to bespoke software creation to enhance operational effectiveness and cut expenses.

This movement is anticipated to persist into the future, with insurers depending more on tech to keep their edge in the digital era. Through the adoption of tailor-made software, insurers are setting themselves up for sustained achievement.

Moreover, according to PwC 70% of leaders in the insurance sector view custom insurance software development as crucial for fostering innovation and expansion within the industry. Amid intensifying competition and evolving customer demands, insurers that do not embrace innovation and new technology are at risk of lagging behind their competitors.

Other Reasons To Go For Custom Cloud-Based Insurance Software

Not yet convinced?

Here are five more reasons why insurance firms should consider investing in custom software development:

Enhanced Data Security

Custom software can be engineered with advanced security features tailored to protect sensitive insurance data against specific threats. This bespoke security approach is crucial in an industry where data breaches can have catastrophic consequences.

Regulatory Compliance

The insurance industry is heavily regulated, and compliance requirements can vary widely between regions and types of insurance. Custom software allows for the incorporation of regulatory compliance mechanisms that are directly aligned with the unique legal frameworks applicable to each company, ensuring they remain on the right side of the law.

Integration Capabilities

Custom solutions can be designed to seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems and third-party applications, ensuring smooth operations and data coherence across all facets of the insurance business. This interoperability is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and accuracy.

Competitive Differentiation

In a crowded market, custom software provides companies with the tools to offer unique features and services, setting them apart from competitors. Whether through innovative customer interfaces, personalized policy recommendations, or efficient claim processing, custom software can be a key differentiator.

Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial investment in custom software development might be higher compared to off-the-shelf solutions, the long-term benefits include significant cost savings.

Tailored solutions are more adaptable to changing business needs, reducing the need for frequent, costly upgrades or replacements. Moreover, custom software is designed to fit the exact needs of the business, eliminating unnecessary features that can slow down operations or cause user confusion.

Cloud Insurance Software – Conclusion

Embracing cloud-based insurance software represents a strategic move for insurance companies aiming to navigate the complexities of the modern market.

As the industry continues to evolve, those who invest in these innovative solutions will be best positioned to meet the demands of the future, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness.

We are Stratoflow, a custom software development company. We firmly believe that software craftsmanship, collaboration and effective communication is key in delivering complex software projects. This allows us to build advanced high-performance Java applications capable of processing vast amounts of data in a short time. We also provide our clients with an option to outsource and hire Java developers to extend their teams with experienced professionals. As a result, our Java software development services contribute to our clients’ business growth. We specialize in travel software, ecommerce software, and fintech software development. In addition, we are taking low-code to a new level with our Open-Source Low-Code Platform.

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The developed software product was built from scratch with solid quality. We have had a long-term engagement with Stratoflow for nearly 10 years. We look at them as partners, rather than contractors. I'm impressed by their team culture and cross-team support.

Nathan Pesin

CTO, Legerity Financials

Stratoflow was a great partner, challenging as well as supporting our customer projects for the best outcome. They have a great pool of talent within the business - all very capability technologists, as well as being business-savvy and suitable for consultancy engagements.

Chris Goodall

Managing Consultant, CG Consultancy (UK) Limited

The bespoke metal exchange platform works great, it is easily accessible and richly functional. Stratoflow managed deadlines capably, meticulously documented their progress, and delivered a complex project at an affordable cost.

Bartlomiej Knichnicki

Vice Chairman, Supervisory Board

We are very pleased with our partnership with Stratoflow and, as we continue to grow, we expect to increase the numbers of developers that work with us on our projects. They have proven to be very skilled and flexible. They're extremely reliable, and they have a very good company culture of their own, which gives them a real edge compared to other providers that serve more as production shops rather than thought partners and creative problem solvers.

Andrew Kennedy

Founder & Managing Director, Tier 2 Consulting

Stratoflow successfully customized the system according to the specific functionalities and without bugs reported. The team was commended for their adaptability in the work process and for their responsiveness.

Joshua Blavins

Tech PM, Digital Agency

The features implemented have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from end-users. Stratoflow has an incredible technical expertise and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to changing project requirements.

Adam Hill

Chief Technology Officer, Legerity

They have impressively good knowledge of AI issues. Very responsive to any amendments and findings. Very good communication. We received a finished project which could be implemented into production shortly after testing.

CO-Founder & CTO

Circular Fashion Company

They provided superb service with seamless communication and a highly professional, technical approach. The team displays impressive technical expertise and are willing to share information and engage in constructive feedback.

Filip Stachnik

Operations Manager, Otwarte Klatki (part of Anima International)

They're very skilled technically and are also able to see the bigger picture. Stratoflow can actually think about solutions, not just the technical task at hand, which they've been assigned.

Arnd Jan Prause

Chief Operating Officer, musQueteer

Stratoflow delivered the website successfully within the timeframe and budget. They assured that the output met the set requirements. Overall, the team's performance was excellent and recommended for their exceptional technical business expertise. They've been able to deliver all of their work on time and within budget, which has been very impressive.

Lars Andersen

Founder & CEO, My Nametags

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How to win? Provide personalized experience and build your own products in the front-office. The missing bits: a traveller golden record collecting past activities and a AI/ML recommendation technology.

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