Why Mulesoft is important to Salesforce?

Last spring Salesforce made an acquisition of Mulesoft for quite an impressive sum of 6,5 billion dollars.

It’s now, almost a year later, it seems like a really good move by this CRM giant.

What are Mulesoft and Anypoint Studio?

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio, an Eclipse-based development studio is a hybrid integration platform that enables integration between SaaS applications, microservices, and APIs.

This makes it a perfect solution when applied to a bulky, inconvenient, and slightly older system that needs updates.

Mulesoft allows connection to Salesforce applications in the cloud or on-premises. Its solutions help the company’s networks run faster, making tech improvement more painless.

Also, it will be convenient for businesses not yet prepared for a complete transition to the cloud.

Mule is applied at a presentation level. Therefore the business logic of the system, which remains the same, is wrapped into a separate service SOA.

It becomes an integration point and is applied on top of it.

More modules are attached in order to extend the system, while Mule provides interaction with all the additional modules on the side.

Since Salesforce focuses on investing in customer success within their core business, this partnership allows for potential growth in the new areas for Salesforce.

Why Mulesoft and Salesforce are working together?

MuleSoft fits perfectly into the Salesforce strategy and needs.

It offers an innovative way to work with various systems.

It also provides comprehensive bespoke functionality when the majority of development is being done behind the scenes.


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Why Digital Transformation is important to companies?

Unfortunately, still very few companies are getting all the value from their data.

Often it’s locked up in different, cumbersome applications and systems that aren’t designed to cope with one another.

Modern companies who want to be digitally capable will be able to connect these various data sources, pull critical information from these connections.

In that way, they will be also able to make fast and aware business decisions in the future.

MuleSoft offers more automation opportunities with fewer resources.

And this is where Mulesoft excels and is hugely advantageous for companies.  


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They have a very good company culture of their own, which gives them a real edge compared to other providers.


Leading UK system integrator

They're very skilled technically and are also able to see the bigger picture.

Managing Partner

Scalable SaaS for healthcare IoT built on Salesforce platform

They've been consistently able to deliver work on time and within budget.


High performance SaaS for financial insitutions

We are seriously impressed by the quality and broader picture of anything they do for us.


Gold trading platform

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