Potential scenarios for Salesforce and MuleSoft products coexistence

Last year Salesforce acquired MuleSoft for 6,5 billion dollars. At first, this deal raised a lot of skepticism mostly because of the differences in businesses between the two companies. But now, over a year later, everyone is amazed by MuleSoft’s incredible performance and generating over 181 million in revenue.

After all, it seems like a great decision made by the CRM giant. But what is the future for their cooperation?

Salesforce’s no software vision

Salesforce is a sales-boosting system that handles customer relationship management for large and growing enterprise clients.

The thing that really sets it apart from other systems is its unique approach to cloud computing.

20 years ago Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, started his company with the idea of abandoning software in favor of subscription-based cloud services which became the main selling point of Salesforce.

Because of that, the acquisition of MuleSoft may seem like an odd decision. Their main product is Anypoint studio, an Eclipse-based integration development environment, which when you look at it doesn’t really fit into Salesforce’s software-free agenda.

But what about integration?

The key is importing large databases and connecting legacy applications. This is the field in which Salesforce’s on it’s own is lacking a well-thought solution, and MuleSoft’s Anypoint studio excels.

The number of applications, data, and devices is growing exponentially every day. And is developed with different technologies converging to create entirely new customer experiences, revenue channels, and business models.

By leveraging MuleSoft, Salesforce customers can now accelerate their pace of innovation. It’s possible by unlocking data across cloud apps, old systems, devices and connecting them all into a single application network.

Possible future of the two companies

In the future, products of the two companies will cooperate closely together. And will be strongly integrated to deliver the customers the best experience possible.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Studio have became a vital part of Salesforce Integration Cloud. Also, it have merged well into Salesforce’s system.

For years, they’ve been operating CloudHub iPaaS which is a completely cloud-based version of the Anypoint platform which helped during integration.

It seems that in the future these products will be sold together in a package dedicated especially for larger enterprises to ensure the fastest and most convenient digital transformation experience possible. 

The future for Salesforce and MuleSoft seems bright and their growth is truly astonishing.

Their new target is to reach record-high 24 billion dollars in revenue by 2024. What is more, their strong cooperation ensures that they are on the right track to accomplish this goal.

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They have a very good company culture of their own, which gives them a real edge compared to other providers.


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